Business Meeting

Operations Management & Administrative Services

Whether you are a start-up that needs help launching your business or an existing small business looking to clean up your operations and become more official, we would love the opportunity to assist you. We can help connect you with various contacts and resources as well as deliver the following services:

  • Contract management - developing or revising agreements between the employer and employees, independent contractors, vendors, or clients. Certified e-signature services included

  • Set-up of business phone, fax, web domain, email, PO Box or virtual office space  

  • Assistance with applying for State and local business licenses,  EIN and registering with the Department of Taxation as well as finding compatible local programs and incentives for your company 

  • Process streamlining – enhancing internal and external processes (such as client intake processes, qualifying leads, onboarding employees and workflow processes)  including the creation of handbooks, forms, applications, and other supporting materials 

  • Software implementation – researching and implementing the most compatible systems for your business including CRM's, marketing software, web based forms or applications and virtual meeting systems 

  • Software maintenance - includes data entry, programming, formatting or pulling reports, automating processes and data clean-up 

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