Why H&H?

H&H Consulting, LLC provides small business solutions to start-ups and microenterprises through organization and operations management. 


  • We embrace start-ups, microenterprises, disadvantaged businesses and small businesses from a variety of industries.

  • Much of our work can be conducted virtually expanding our services from the Las Vegas Valley, nationwide. 

  • Personalized services tailored to your style and needs. Unlike firms that operate in large teams, the same person will be completing your projects from start to finish

  • Experience working with business owners, government officials, and highly regarded members of the business community 

  • Flexible working style – do you want to be engaged in the process or are you looking for a hands-off approach? 

  • Though we are not a virtual assistant service offering scheduling, reception or other client relations services, we work with a sister agency who may be able to provide such services upon request

  • For marketing solutions, we partner with a firm, Project Smith, LLC who provides digital marketing and social media management services

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